Get more leads and close them faster with Freemarketer.
It includes a game, you can compete to win cash

  • Everything you need to get More leads and Close them Faster in one easy to use platform.

    Build marketing campaigns to generate more leads for your business

    Use the Freemarketer marketing campaign builder to build campaigns and landing pages to capture leads. Then use Freemarketer to quickly and easily promote those campaigns across the web, on social media, with email marketing, on blogs, and in search engines such as google.

    Generate hundreds of new leads for your business.

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  • Email Marketing

    Use Freemarketer email marketing to deploy one off, or automated email campaigns. Always keep your company top of mind with your clients and prospects. Make sure you are in compliance with email laws including CAN-SPAM (USA) and CASL (new Canadian anti-spam law). See who is opening and clicking your emails and visiting your website. Integrate your email campaigns with Google analytics to see which emails drive traffic and sales on your website.

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  • Social Media

    Connect and post to popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. See which of your sales leads and contacts are also engaging with you on social media.

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  • Sell like a pro with Freemarketer simple sales CRM

    Stay on top of every sales opportunity, or automatically feed leads to your sales team so nothing falls through the crack. Organize all your contacts and leads, create tasks, notes, and deals. Generate sales reporting for your deals. Cross reference with marketing data to see what marketing campaigns are generating sales.

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  • Manage all your marketing lists

    Manage your marketing database with lists and segments. Slice and dice your contact database any way you desire. Create an unlimited number of contact lists and customer segments. Use our dynamic list feature to automatically group contacts based on any criteria you desire.

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  • Automate your marketing with Freemarketer workflow builder

    Set up automatic workflows to perform a variety of sales & marketing tasks such as:

    • » Automatically trigger sending a series of product specific emails to a potential buyer.
    • » Notify sales when a prospective buyer visits the website.
    • » Create a follow up task for sales when a lead clicks on a link in an email.

    The possibilities are endless.

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  • Reporting and Analytics

    Blow your mind reporting on everything you need to know about your sales and marketing.

    • Super detailed email campaign reporting.
    • Web lead traffic reporting & lead sources.
    • Social media reporting.
    • Lead Scoring – who is hot, who is not.
    • Sales management reporting showing how your sales team is performing, and a lot more.
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  • Improve your skills and connect with others with the Freemarketer Game

    The Learning Center and the Freemarketer Game, are designed to assist Freemarketer users to become the best marketers that they can be.

    The learning center is where you go to see tips & tricks, demos, and find support to improve your skills and build a network of friends and vendors who can assist you building your business.

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Freemarketer Game News

The February Top Freemarketer prize is $100.00!

The Freemarketer who sends the most emails + gets the most clicks on their emails for the month of February will win the Freemarketer prize. Good luck!

freemarketing message boy graphic
Congratulations to our previous Freemarketer game winners.
  • December Freemarketer challenge winner. Freemarketer: Baby Pre-Loved Boutique
    Prize: $100.00 USD
  • November Freemarketer challenge winner. Freemarketer: Seank
    Prize: NA internal user.
    Challenge was: invite the most friends.
  • October Freemarketer challenger winner. Freemarketer: TAKVIN TEB. Medical Device Distributer
    Prize: $100.00 USD
    Challenge was: Most active user.