All these great features are included with freemarketer. Signup today and start managing your leads and customers like the big guys.

  • Easy Email Marketing

    Create, edit, schedule and send your e-campaigns in just a couple clicks. The freemarketer software is exceptionally easy to use and fully customizable.

    • > Send your e-campaign in three simple steps
    • > Email everyone on your list select recipients based on specific criteria
    • > Reporting lets you know who has clicked-thru and what webpages they visited
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  • The World’s Simplest CRM

    Store everything you need to know about your contacts with a CRM solution so simple, it practically manages itself – the freemarketer software solution.

    • > Track all your notes, files, to-do lists & events
    • > File opportunity information specific to each contact
    • > Simple search feature ensures every contact is just a click away
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  • Social Media Made Simple

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare,... how to do stay on top of all your social media channels? Manage them all with freemarketer .

    • > Track every lead’s activity on all your social media sites
    • > Know whether your customers are reading, watching… or interacting
    • > Monitor the latest social media trends and keep your brand relevant
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  • Prioritize Your Leads With Lead Scoring

    Gain instant insight into which leads are heating up, cooling down or remaining constant with freemarketer realtime scoring and reporting – and react accordingly.

    • > Dynamic tracking across all your emails, websites & social media
    • > Helps you focus your marketing efforts on the leads closest to “buy”
    • > Identifies dead leads for cleaner database management
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  • At A Glance Web Tracking

    freemarketer software features enhanced web-tracking capabilities so you know which leads are on your website, what pages they are visiting and more… all in realtime.

    • > Set up alerts to notify you when a specific lead is on your site
    • > Find out which pages they are on, and for how long
    • > Gain invaluable insight into how your leads interact with your site’s navigation
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  • Create It, Date It, Automate It

    Enhance your productivity and your proactivity with freemarketer by automating basic e-marketing tasks such as reminders, confirmations, thank you notes and more.

    • > Send emails automatically, set to specific date & time, events & occasions
    • > Added social media functionality for automatic Facebook updates, tweets & more
    • > Simple hands-off execution of white glove customer service
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